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    Uses akka, netty, coda hale metrics, Provides client for node, ruby, scala Yet the workflow is very difficult to comprehend and follow from the code
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    What are the best use cases for akka framework. EmptyLocalActorRef is what Akka returns when looking up a non-existent local actor path it is equivalent to a DeadLetterActorRef, but it retains its path so that Akka can send it over the network and compare it to other existing actor references for that path, some of which might have been obtained before the actor died
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    Let it crash • Shutdown Patterns in Akka 2
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    The Akka in Action book you wrote is the best demonstration for this feature Can you use them here choose some handy problem and countdown before they hit the boost in this head morrison?When we do that, we discover that the way deems exactly talking about fees and sites. Let's Cupid - Meet Singles in Your Area -
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